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I always know I am home when I reach the top of Mottram Moor and look across at the view of the hills in the distance. It is years since I have lived in Glossop but like most people I still call the place I grew up, home. I have had a passion for property for as long as I can remember and now as I sit writing this I am trying hard to remember when it began. Padfield is a village outside Glossop, it is small but like most villages has grown over the years. Its stone houses are steeped in history and the streets picturesque. This was where I lived for all my childhood years, this pretty village so warm and inviting.

I always remember noticing houses, acknowledging their beauty and digesting people’s tastes in interiors. Whilst at school we had to undertake a project about the history of Glossop, I remember submersing myself into this project eager to photograph the stunning buildings and soaking up the Victorian stories being told through their walls.

When Changing Rooms hit our screens as you can imagine I was hooked. I never missed an episode, without wonderful things like sky+, that was dedication. We would sit as a family and watch the wonderful creative creations that evolved in front of our eyes. Be astounded by the daring and sheer belief in their work especially Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen whose designs would sometimes bring the owners to tears, and not always in a good way. I was in awe of LLB he was bold, courageous, and even if I didn’t like a particular design I marvelled at his brilliance. Yes I was a fan!

After living away for study and work for a few years I came back to Glossop to live. I knew I wanted a typical stone cottage, I knew the areas I liked and knew I would know it when I found it. Viewings were a mixture of terror and wonder. I remember going to view one particular property and my mother wouldn’t even step into the house due to the smell and the state of it. To me I could see the potential; I could forgive the 1970’s carpets and the complete lack of interior design choices and see the beauty that was hidden inside the four walls.

One day driving through Glossop we saw it, a lovely end of terrace cottage a beautiful hanging basket full of colour made the house smile. Was it on the market? – No! Did I want it? – Yes! As fate would have it a week or so later it was on the market, I got the first viewing and went straight to the estate agent made and offer and … SOLD! If only my future property history would be so easy.

After a couple of years in my beloved cottage it was time for a move – yes this soon becomes a trait – having moved over 30 times to date. This time I was going on an adventure and a new challenge. I had accepted a role with a property company on the Costa del Sol, I had never worked in the property industry, I didn’t know anyone in Spain, I didn’t even know any Spanish. Determined to ensure I lived whilst I was young, free and single, I packed my bags and arrived in San Pedro de Alcántara near Marbella on a cold and wet January evening. I grew to love Spain, its culture, its lifestyle, its people I just couldn’t afford to live there, and well I wanted my own property. So after three amazing years full of ups and downs, I said goodbye to my beloved Spain and bye to working in property.

Upon moving back to the UK I discovered Rightmove, at first I was looking for a property, then it was just for fun. To me Rightmove was my secret pleasure, I would (ok still do) spend hours searching locations looking at dream houses, the house down the street, if we were to move houses. I would nosey at their interiors, obsessed by the floorplans and soon I had become an addict and proud of my addiction.

Several moves, jobs and a husband later we ended up in South Wales. One day Rightmove mentioned something about twitter, I wasn’t a social media fan. Yes, I had a Facebook account, did I use it? no not really and the fact that people would get an insight into my life I didn’t really like. But something inside of me said give it a go, the first step was creating an account- I wanted to remain anonymous so thought I would choose something that wasn’t my name. I ummmed and ahhhed for a couple of days the thought – my family and friends call me RightmoveAddict so why not use that. This was the best decision I could ever make.

To begin with I was a rubbish twitter novice, didn’t get it, thought it was strange, but thought I would persevere. I soon got a couple of twitter friends slowly learnt some of the twitter lingo which was completely alien to me. After a while I got a tweet from Rightmove saying that we love your handle (twitter name) we are sending you a mug!

Sadly, I think I skipped round the room screaming with excitement that a company such as Rightmove had spoken to me! After a couple of months of conversation they asked if I would like to write a blog post on being a RightmoveAddict. I didn’t know what a blog post was, I was honoured and petrified would my piece be good enough?. I scrambled together a post, took some photos of me looking at Rightmove on various devices and sent it off. A few days later, there it was my story for all to see on Rightmove. Now some of you reading this will think – god she is sad!! Some of you will think – wow and some – so what! But to me it was amazing, would this have happened without twitter – absolutely not, so if twitter could do this what else could it do?

From this article I started to establish more twitter connections within the property industry. I shared wonderful properties and interiors I had discovered and found a platform to share my passion for property. People seemed to like what I had to say and slowly I started to attract followers. I remember when I got to 100 followers, I was in complete shock but I was starting to see the possibilities of twitter, I started to unlock it’s magic.

I was recommended to read an amazing book Tao of Twitter by Mark W Schaefer, this book took what I had thought and proved my findings. Twitter had a great potential to help you achieve more than you could ever believe. Sceptics among you will laugh at this statement that is fine, I am still, everyday in complete bewilderment of what has happened to me and still happening………





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